Summer 2016
Photo tours and expeditions

Unveil the photographer in you


Learn digital photography in English this Summer 2016 with our hands-on courses while you discover cool locations

Experienced photographer's guidance

Internationally awarded for his work and with years of coaching expertise

Reduced sized groups

6 persons maximum per group to guarantee a personalized experienced

More than photography

Learn photography and discover a destination simultaneously with the know-how of a local

The best teacher I’ve had for years. Thank you for the very special classes!
— Jeff Jefferies

City photo tours

Are you an urban lover? Then go for one of our 3-day Group City Photo Tours in Germany or Spain. You'll see how much your photography skills improve in 12 hours while discovering interesting urban locations. 

Discovering Photography
Beginner level workshop in BerlinBarcelona and Madrid

Click the city!
Intermediate level workshop in BerlinBarcelona and Madrid


Photo expeditions

Nature is your thing? Choose our 3-day Group Photo Expeditions in the Canary Islands. Amazing natural escenarios with a mild weather, 15 hours in total and transport during the classes included. 

Discovering Photography
Beginner level workshop in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote

The travelling photographer
Intermediate level workshop in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote


One-day City Photo Tours

You are an urban lover but short on time? In our One-day Group City Photo Tours in Berlin, Germany, in 4 hours (which feel like two) you improve your photography exponentially thanks to the various assignments you are asked to do. And all that while visiting photogenic urban locations.


Principles of composition
Beginner level class in Berlin

Mastering manual exposure
Beginner level class in Berlin

Portrait photography
Beginner level class in Berlin

Architectural photography
Intermediate level class in Berlin

Street photography
Intermediate level class in Berlin

Long exposure photography
Intermediate level class in Berlin

I liked the mix of lecture and practical experience in his courses. We went through the theory first, practiced what we had just learned and then reviewed all of our photos together.
— Kari Hatcher


One to One Photo Lessons

Decide the dates and time schedule that suit you the best and enjoy a private tailor-made course with the dedicated attention of a professional photographer. Aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


On-location One to One lessons

Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote... or anywhere you want! Our private photo classes aren't only aimed at individuals. They are also ideal for families or groups of friends. From three persons on, you save a lot!

Online One to One lessons

Enjoy the full attention of a professional photographer from the comfort of your own home. Learn shooting technicalities, get feedback from your photos or improve your image processing with our online private classes. 

Taking private lessons was the perfect decision. Tomás adapted the classes to my needs based on the knowledge I already had. He is a brilliant photographer and an outstanding teacher.
— Guido Küng

Your host: 
Tomás Correa

Attendants to my photo workshops often say I’m passionate. I consider myself a lucky guy. I simply love my work! I love photography and love sharing what I know. How could I not be passionate?

Taking beautiful and meaningful pictures is not an impossible task, you simply need to learn the language and the tools.

I have designed these workshops where I share my experience in the world of photography.

Why don't you let me travel with you in this journey? I'd love to.


Photo Workshop Gift Voucher

Starting at only 45€ a photography course gift voucher is the ideal present