Testimonials on our photography Workshops

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Really enjoyed the course! I’m very glad that I finally understand what I’m doing when I take a photo. It’s amazing the progress made in only 4 days! It got me so interested in photography that now I don’t want to go anywhere without the camera. :)

— Omniea (Egypt)

I had a really great time at the one-on-one photo session! Because it was just the two of us, Tomás adapted the class to my skills, which meant covering the very basics at first and then fast forwarding to some really cool effects with shutter speed. I really learned a lot in those three hours!

— SABINE (Germany)

Tomás, who is a very experienced, open-minded and friendly photographer, takes you to the start of what will become a never-ending photography trip. He passes on his knowledge and passion and brings you to surprising and hidden Berlin corners. Through different shooting assessments, he makes you think about the kind of photographer you want to become. Highly recommendable!

— JO (Belgium)

Tomás is an amazing teacher and the class is awesome!!! Besides learning about the technique, he evaluated our work and immediately gave us the chance to improve it. And it worked perfectly!

— RAMONA (Romania)

The workshop was great fun. The locations, which Tomás selected, were really inspiring.

He’s simply a great teacher, who makes complicated concepts easy for anyone to understand. And his enthusiasm for photography and art is contagious!

Thank you for these exciting hours!

— KATHARINA (Germany)

The workshop’s mood is wonderful, just like a group of friends who meet to discover beautiful places in Berlin.

But the coolest thing is how Tomás transmits his love and passion for photography!

— INDA (Spain)

Tomás is a good pedagogue who makes complexity simple and adjust to his students prior knowledge. His insightfulness of Berlin culture and history is what makes Pentaprisma stand out.

— TORMOD (Norway)

This workshop has been a terrific experience for me. I’m now more demanding with my photos, I compose better, I see things I wasn’t able to see before... I feel photography deeper in general! Thank you Tomás.

— CINTHIA (Mexico)

I started the workshop hardly knowing anything about my camera. After some sessions I learnt not only how to use it, but even how to make way better photos!

— ADAY (Spain)

The photo courses covered many different topics. I noticed how my way of looking evolved right after only one lesson.

Locations were very inspiring. The atmosphere was great; relaxed but very focused. Tomás’ input helped in overcoming the issues that I always had struggled with.

— RINO (Venezuela)

I’ve learnt a lot with this photo course. A fantastic source of inspiration. The greatest professional attitude along with the clearest explanations. In one word; perfect.

— MAITE (Spain)

I did both the ‘click the city’ and ‘chasing emotions’ courses and I learnt a lot!

Tomás takes the course very seriously: the course is thought out and Tomás comes prepared with slide shows on his iPad and exercises for the students.

We were taken to cool places in Berlin so I also enjoyed the course from a tourist point of view.

I furthermore think that the course price is good value.

All in all, I really recommend these photo workshops.

— ANNE (United Kingdom)

After just one session my husband and I were surprised ourselves to see the changes in the way we took photos. Our instructor has not only taught us how to use a camera, we learned to look and see, notice and appreciate the beauty in the most mundane objects around us. It is impossible to resist Tomás’s passion and enthusiasm for Photography.

— OLGA (Germany)

Well organised workshops but allowing flexibility in our meetings for discussion. I definitely think the strongest area of the workshop was on the composition, framing, elements, weight, etc. But hey, that’s what I was hoping for.


The time I got to spend with our knowledgable, creative and attentive teacher Tomás, and the lovely people from the group, did not only finally elucidate the mystery behind the technical terms, but it got me to view the world around me, through a different, exciting lens.

I highly recommend this course and Tomás as a teacher, or rather a guide, on this mind expanding, soul nourishing creative adventure.

— SANA (Sweden)

I got exactly what I wanted from this course. The course contents are presented in a manner that is easy to understand and Tomás is a wonderful patient instructor. He teaches with enthusiasm and passion.

— BOUTHEINA (Algeria)

Tomás is a very good teacher who shares with others his great talent and objectivity. He teaches you not only how to deal with your camera but also how to look differently at your surroundings.

— JOSÉ (Portugal)

Tomás is an extremely passionate photographer who doesn’t understand photography only as a technique but as a whole. The balance between theory and practice is fantastic. I am keen on participating in the second level.

— ANNA (Germany)

Thanks to Tomás Correa I have taken part on an amazing experience, been to great places, met lovely people and over all he has given me the tools to explore, experiment and has encouraged me to be behind a camera in constant hunting mood!

Gracias mil!! I highly recommend these courses, he is such an inspiration!!!

— BEA (Colombia)

Tomás has a very enthusiastic personality. He motivated me to see main elements everywhere we went! His ‘hunt mode’ inspired me to see the world through the photographer’s eyes.

The lessons, presentations, places and breaks were chosen perfectly! I learned a lot during a short time.

— ULRIKE (Germany)

It’s been the best workshop I’ve ever been to. It has covered my expectancies 120%. Tomás has an engaging and effective teaching method. He’s and amazing photographer, communicator and person.

— ALEIDA (Spain)

I highly recommend the basic photography course. A patient, clear, easy-going, well-prepared teacher, theory lessons in nice cafés followed by practical exercises in photogenic areas of Berlin and competent evaluation of the results - what’s not to like?

— Helle (Denkmark)

This is the second summer I take a workshop with Pentaprisma and I want more! Thank you so much!! Again, I’ve made click with Berlin!

— ÁNGELA (Spain)

My experience with participating in the Pentaprisma photo course in Berlin this summer was simply wonderful! It was a really great way to meet fellow photography enthusiasts as well as to get to know to the city with completely new eyes! I recommend these courses warmly!

— LIIS (Estonia)

This workshop exceeded my expectations in every way. Tomás’ explanations are not only clear to understand, but the tips&tricks he gives are a great added value. It is a great balance between learning photography and also seeing Berlin “off the beaten paths”!

— ANITA (Croacia)

Thank you for an amazing course. It was a real pleasure: educating, fun and exciting.

I am happy I chose Pentaprisma to open the door of photography world for me. I hope to learn from you again along my journey.

— INBAL (Israel)

I couldn’t be happier about the Photography workshop I joined last week. If you have some available time in Berlin and are keen on photography, I highly recommend it to you!

Tomás fulfils everything you could be looking for. A passionate and experienced photographer with great communication and teaching skills, polyglot, funny and perfect-chosen locations.

— VANESSA (Spain)

Do you think you know about photography? Wait until you do a workshop with Tomás.

— MARCOS (Spain)

A wonderful workshop in technic, function, creativity and passion. And on top of it full of humour!

The exceptional places, the tasty ginger tee and Tomás’ cordiality have built a well-rounded experience and have provided me with a lot of inspiration for the future.

— LENA (Germany)

I have attended many photo courses in France and Germany. I never understood half of the information and forgot after two days the other half. This time has been completely different!

Tomás takes the organisation of the courses very seriously. We discovered very nice and special places and the use of an iPad made the technical explanations easier.

Thank you Tomás, because I do not have inhibitions anymore to take my camera and go “hunting”!

— YAËL (France)

I learnt a lot in this course. And not only about photography, but about Berlin too. Great for me as I was visiting.

It was a very productive experience. Tomás is a good teacher who has everything very well planned and prepared.

— VICKY (Spain)


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