Food photography lighting workshop in Berlin

Tomás is an excellent teacher and was extremely well prepared for our lesson.
In particular, I found that analysing and critiquing photographs I really like / admire was super helpful in figuring out how to increase the quality of my work.
Thank you Tomas!!!
— Rebecca Crawford

Here are the results of the one to one workshop about food photography lighting that Rebecca Crawford did a few days ago with us in Berlin. We are very proud of her work and passion.

Even though Rebecca has been into food photography for a while, she felt she had some issues with lighting. Before the workshop, she provided us with a list of doubts and topics she would like to go through. We designed a tailor-made class for her. 

If you want to see Rebecca's work, visit her website. We also encourage you to check Rocket & Basil. The pictures that illustrate this article were taken by Rebecca for that food blog.

Tomás Correa