Our group photo courses in Berlin are back!

When Pentaprisma was launched, back in 2013, our photography workshops were aimed only at groups. A lot has happened ever since. We decided to focus on private classes for several reasons.

We've been asked several times if we were to offer group workshops again. We are happy to announce now that we've just launched our Group Photography Workshops Schedule in Berlin for this coming Summer 2018. :) 

These group workshops are designed for beginners that want to be introduced to the fascinating world of photography. We offer two options; a 3-day photography course where everything you need to know to kick off is covered, and three stand-alone classes, one dedicated to the principles of composition, one to manual exposure and one to portrait photography.

Courses take place in cool locations around Berlin and are designed to make the most of your capabilities with a thoughtful balance of theory, practice, reviewing and exploring. Groups are very reduced in size, so you always get personalised attention. 

Join one of our photography courses and unveil the photographer in you. 

Tomás Correa