Private Online Photo Lessons

You might not live in any of the locations where we usually offer photography classes and don't have the chance to travel. You may have only a few quick doubts. Or it can also be that you cannot leave home cause you're ill. Whatever the reason don't worry, internet is here to make our lives easier.

Enjoy the full attention of a professional photographer from the comfort of your own home with our private online classes

Platforms like Skype, Google Hangouts or Apple FaceTime offer the possibility to have a meeting as productive as a face-to-face one. What's more, these three platforms offer the possibility to share screens. We use this feature in our one to one online lessons to share with you some helpful slides that make a particular concept easier to understand. Or you could use it to show us the pictures you want to get feedback about. It can also be handy when it comest to explaining an editing software interface like Lightroom's.

Dates, time, contents... you decide!

If you opt for the online private classes you can also choose the dates and time schedule that suit you the best. 

You won’t either have to stick to predefined contents. If you wished, we can design a tailor-made lessen based on your particular needs and wishes. 

And last but not least. Are you an advanced photographer and need some coaching to help you take decisions about the photo project you are currently working at? Consider a one to one photo tuition. We have already assisted many photographers to get unstuck. 

The Lightroom session was also divided into two parts. One where Tomás explained the basic functions, useful shortcuts and his own workflow. In the second part I was working myself being patiently instructed by Tomás.
— Hermann Büchen

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Learn digital photography with our online one to one courses. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels welcome.

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