Learn digital photography with our hands-on courses while you discover Berlin in Germany


One to one photo tours

Develop your photography privately with our hands-on tours while you discover Berlin, in Germany. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels available. 

You'll have the dedicated attention of Tomás, a professional photographer, along the tour and will receive continuous advice to improve every picture you take during the day, wether related to composition, exposure, lighting… 

Tomás has been related to Berlin since short after the wall felt down. He is in love with the city, knows its photographic possibilities very well and is willing to share them.

We start each session at a local café or bar to go together through some theory, a theory that we apply right away. Order costs not included.

You don't need to stick to predefined photographical contents or routes. We can design a tailor-made experience based on your needs and wishes. 

Our one to one tuition isn't only aimed at individuals. These tours are also ideal for couples, families or groups of friends. 

Tomás took us to such nice and interesting places in Berlin. Even the little bars he chooses for the theoretical part of the course were lovely!
— Anne Vandenbulcke

Why Berlin?

Berlin, capital of Germany, is without doubts one of the most exciting cities in Europe. It reinvents itself everyday. Trendy fashion shops, exclusive restaurants or fine art galleries go hand by hand with street musicians, graffiti covered walls and underground night clubs. 

Just as its current energy is captivating, so was its past. The 20th-century history of Berlin is directly connected to the history of Germany and Europe, if not to the history of the world. Hidden remains of that history are awaiting to be discovered all over the city. 

Our tours in Berlin are aimed both at beginner and intermediate level photographers. Join one of our digital photography courses in August 2016 and unveil the photographer in you. 

Tomas is amazing. Can’t say enough about the quality of service. It is very evident that he is passionate about photography and this beautiful city.
— Janine Namgung

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