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Improve your photography and discover the real Madrid with our hands-on tours guided by an expert photographer local to the city.


What makes our photography workshops especial?

You'll have the dedicated attention of a professional photographer along the tour. You will receive continuous advice to improve every picture you take during the day, wether related to composition, exposure, lighting… 

We love Madrid and we know the city like the back of our hands. We know its photographic possibilities very well and we are willing to share them.

We start each session at a local café or bar to go together through some theory, a theory that we apply right away. Order costs not included.

You don't need to stick to predefined photographical contents or routes. We can design a tailor-made photo course based on your needs and wishes. 

Our private classes aren’t only aimed at individuals. They are also ideal for couples, families or small groups of friends. And prices stay the same.

I did not only learn photographic techniques, but also to observe things from different perspectives, which helped me to compose very interesting and emotive pictures.
— Rosario Bellolio
Tomás knows how to chose the specific pedagogical approach that will help you improve in no time. Thanks Tomás for your flexibility and professionalism. #lotsoftalent :-)


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Your hosts

Depending on our availability, your host will be either Tomás or Rubén, both experienced photographers and instructors.

Tomás, Pentaprisma Photo Workshops’ host in Madrid


I was born and raised in Spain. I've always been seduced by Madrid's energetic vibe and whenever I've had the chance, I've come to this wonderful city to spend long periods of time.

With more than 25 years experience as a photographer, my work has received awards in various prestigious contests and has been exhibited at different museums and galleries. 

I currently split my time working on my personal photo series and helping others improve their photography skills with my photo courses.

Rubén, Pentaprisma Photo Workshops’ host in Madrid


Being born in Madrid, I know the city very well and I am looking forward to sharing the places I like the most with you.

Author of a recognized photobook, the thing I like the most about photography is it capacity to tell stories. My work can be found in several universities and museums around the world.

I am very much interested in sharing what I know. I teach and give workshops regularly in various photography schools and occasionally in different colleges, institutes and universities.


Why Madrid for an outdoors photography course?

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a vibrant city. There're people everywhere. There's always something going on. 

But at the same time people know how to enjoy their free time in a very relaxed way. A beer before lunch, a coffee on a terrace in the afternoon or dinner at midnight belong all to the DNA of any local. 

Even though there's a huge culinary tradition, it's not all about eating and drinking. Madrid, located in the middle of Spain, is famous for its museums and art galleries, its theatres, its parks, its boulevards, its grandiose architecture, its historical sites, its flea markets, its multiethnic neighbourhoods, its friendly inhabitants... 

We will help you to capture the essence of Madrid in pictures. Our classes are aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers. Try one of our photography courses and unveil the photographer in you.


Our prices

Prices are per class, not per person, so if you wanted to bring someone along, it would have no extra cost.

Obviously the more sessions you take, the more you'll learn. If you happen to be new to photography, with three sessions you'll get a really good base on both composition and the technical aspects to go on shooting on your own.

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195 €

1 session (3 hours)

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340 €

2 sessions (6 hours)

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475 €

3 sessions (9 hours)


Let’s make it happen

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